Words from a Spin Doctor

Being a Learning and Development Manager by day, I have always been intrigued as to how my day job can help me in delivering the best possible spin experience for our students at fit to the core.

Well, just recently I think the answer has actually hit me!

You just need to make people believe in themselves. Obvious really but the human body is a fantastic machine and the only thing that stops us pushing it to it’s potential is us. Every session someone doesn’t really think they they can smash the session out the ground. How do I know? The grimaces, the raised eyebrows , the groans when we go into another climb but boy do they feel good at the end of the session. Again, how do I know? Well they tell me, the smiles, the banter and the fact that they come back for more week after week even when we have a rare sunny evening in St Monans. Ultimately it gets easier and then I can turn and round and say to them “I told you it was possible”

By encouraging everyone to be the best they can be, telling someone they can do something, getting their techniques right, building effort up in stages and most importantly getting them to trust you, the results are so impressive to see. The satisfaction of seeing people achieving great results and noticing the improvement is immense for me.

We have just introduced the concept of working towards race days into our spin sessions, where we work over a twelve week period gradually building up effort, strength, energy and gaining a commitment from the spin students, our first race nights at the start of September should be great fun and I looking forward to some huge achievements from those taking part.

Spin is fun, it’s your workout so you go at your pace, there’s some great music involved (mostly) and you really see the results – get yourself along to our sessions and get the spin bug! Once you have the spin bug though you don’t want to let it go, so rather than a spin doctor curing you of a bug, I become the spin coach getting more out of you and helping that bug to spread!

Keep the faith!