Eat and be happy

Hi there!

 I’m Suzy and I run a daily Practice called ‘FIT TO THE CORE’.  And I got lucky...we ALL got lucky because we’re in St. Monans close to the sea where the air we breathe is the healthiest in the Kingdom, in fact it is almost as fresh and bracing as the breezes that blow across the Cairngorm. Okay I’m not  your weather girl but we all want healthy lungs and happy tums. Right? That means I must start with a word about  healthy eating. Food, glorious food! I want to stress that all the best exercise in the world is of little use unless we eat good food and in the right quantities and of enjoy it .Otherwise how are we going to fight the flab or punish the pain?  I say...get the discipline of a sensible daily regime and you’ll be on the right road to a fabulous body.  

Ladies, are you with me? Listen up! I suggest that you aim for 1500 to 1800 calories per day. And Jim, to be slim you should go for 2000 to 2500.  Get the balance right, Think of the pulling power!

Remember that fat is a killer. Limit it to a single finger size per day. That’s okay, you’re a winner.  Protein? Measure amounts like two fists worth, no more and for carbo its two fists again. When it comes to building up some energy how about porridge and tea for breakfast. Lunch?  Well, if I could spare the time I would enjoy a ham sandwich or half a chicken breast with fresh lettuce and a big tomato. If you are feeling fishy ? Haddock, Plaice or Sole are on the menu BUT don’t overdo those oily chips.  You can check out more ideas by scanning my photos showing eat well plates of good taste as well as being nutritious.

Now that is enough about food. Working our way to complete Fitness to the Core also depends on a two—way conversation. I need to know what you feel you need then I can discuss with my team and come up with the answers that are relevant to you.  Fit to the Core offers a six day programme. While we work on sports injuries as necessary our full  regime offers Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Weights and Boxing.  We also also have a Beauty Treatment room run by Vickie Robertson and shall be giving you more news about that. Newcomers who  want to know about my qualifications can check me out in the about me drop down. Note that my classes, longer or shorter can be paid for 4 weekly at the studio.